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I’d like you to explore the concept of division of labor. Please make sure to address the following questions:
How important is the division of labor to a capitalist economy?
How does the division of labor lead to more efficient production?
What are some examples of division of labor and specialization from your personal experiences?
Division of labor is a process whereby production in a Company is distributed to different departments or organs of that company. What it does is to avert the monopoly of production, where one organ is not specifically charged with the duty of doing all of the operations leading to production. It creates specialization as it ensures that a person can work in that area where is very knowledgeable.
Capitalism is an idea that favors private individuals in an economy. Basically, the people in charge of the private sector set up most of the trade-related practices, for instance, prices of goods. The government in this type of economic system does not play a very big role in terms of the regulations. Division of labor allows the private sectors in the capitalist nations to grow very largely(Lavee & Katz, 2002). This is because most of the private sectors generally deal in a particular system of trade. Thus they get the specific labor that is necessary. Getting that specific labor automatically create specialization and thus the level of performance increases. When such things happen, the private sectors are able to realize very huge profits. This, in fact, has been one of the reasons why private companies are able to make very huge profits across the capitalist states.
Division of labor creates efficient production through the aspect of specialization. Specialization means engaging only the people that have expertise in that particular area. Thus, if a firm is dealing with technology and it has only employed IT experts, it is bound to do very well in terms of production. This will be influenced by the high level of people that are skilled in that domain(Lavee & Katz, 2002). Further division of labor helps firms to produce more because of the high number of people that may work in an organization. Some firms usually deal with different things simultaneously. The only way they are able to produce more is by engaging many people that are specialized in particular areas in order to ensure that processes are run efficiently.
An example of a division of labor that I have experienced is of a company that provides phone service. This company has very many employees, all of which work in the different departments of the organization(Rushing, 2006). There is, for instance, the department that deals with queries. This department has highly trained people on the aspect of communication. So whenever a client has any query, they talk to the client and refer that client to another department that has specialization on the various issues that a client may bring forth.
Further, most car manufacturing companies such as Mercedes Benz have people who are employed to work on the technological aspects of those case as others work on the interior and exterior outlook.
Constriction of a building takes into account the input of architects, structural engineers and even electrical engineers, a clear definition of division of labor.
As per the discussions above, the division of labor is one of the main things that capitalist nations rely on for growth. It is also a major thing in the growth of any organization that is carrying out business. Further, the division of labor is fundamentally influenced by the aspect of specialization. In fact, specialization makes labor division to be essential in the business world and in the capitalist nations.
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