RCSM 450 – Facility Planning & Management

This individual assignment will allow students to briefly introduce their peers to a recreation or sport facility of interest to the presenter. This may be an existing or a proposed facility. Students must present on a lesser-known facility (no NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL stadiums and arenas that we are likely already familiar with).
Furthermore, a specific facility can only be presented by one student (first-come, first-serve), and that facility must be approved by the instructor. Students will sign-up to “claim” a particular facility. Students will also review the presentations of other students and respond with an appropriate response regarding something you learned from watching the presentations. These responses are worth 15 points.
This assignment shall be in the form of a 5-minute voice-over PowerPoint presentation, saved as an .mp4 video file. Your presentation may include video or other technological resources to help tell your story. Videos are not required in your presentation, and “hype” videos are strictly forbidden. If you choose to include a video, it must serve a justifiable purpose and not just be a time filler. Points will be deducted if such a video is shown as part of your presentation. If you plan on using video in your presentation, the video must be embedded into your PowerPoint file (not just linked), and points will be deducted if the video is not embedded (this also means that no commercial should play before your video). The following YouTube video describes an easy way to embed a video into your PowerPoint presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if9A4HLPWUI.
It is expected that the presentation will be visually attractive and contain photos of the facility. Although each facility is unique and various pieces of information can be shared with the class, presenters should attempt to provide the following information:
-Facility Name -Sustainability Features
-Facility Location -Construction Timeline
-Primary Users -Construction Cost
-Public or Private -Major Renovations
-Events Held -Funding Mechanism
-Unique Features -Other Relevant Information
Guidelines for Submitting Video Recording Portion of this Assignment
You will create your slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint (or similar platform), but you should record your presentation using Screencast-o-matic (or a similar platform) and submit only an
.mp4 video file. Submit your video file in the proper Discussion Board assignment within Blackboard. No paper or analysis is required for this assignment … only the .mp4 video file. Create your slides just like you would for a typical Presentation, and then use a screen capture program to record that presentation along with your voice-over. I strongly suggest using Screencast-o-matic, as it is a simple-to-use, free screen recording website https://screencast-omatic.com/. Also, there are a lot of YouTube videos out there that will help you in capturing videos. The technology aspect to this assignment is likely to trip some people up, so please give yourself some time to complete this portion of the assignment. Your .mp4 video file must be submitted to the Discussion Board no later than Tuesday, April 13 at 2:00pm ET. Please use your Last Name, First Name, and Facility Name as the title to your Discussion Board posting (e.g., Doe, Jane – Hulman Center).

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