Reason for applying to Santa Monica College- Admission Essay Help

Write a personal essay (approximately one to two pages) that describes your reason for applying to Santa Monica College. Please include details about your educational background and your educational goals after completing your studies at Santa Monica College.
My major is CS, from China, High school senior.
      Admission Essay into Santa Monica College
I am a student from China. My highest education qualification achieved in China was a high school senior graduate, where I happen to have passed quite well. I attained a grade which is above the minimum required by the Santa Monica College to pursue a major in computer science. Hence, the below is my admission essay which is a requirement for the admission process of the college. I will be joining the facility as an international student since the college offers all the requirements and infrastructures which an international student pursuing computer science needs. I made the decision to join Santa Monica College due to a number of reasons. First, Santa Monica ranks among the top colleges in the US which offers specialized computer science studies. Further, the instructors in the college have several years of experience in lecturing on computer science and are well versed with the niche. At Santa Monica College, most of the instructors are either holders of Ph.D. degrees or professors in their respective areas of specialization. The rich knowledge content from lecturers is an advantage to the learners because, by the end of the learning period, students will have gained quite a lot from the instructors. Coupled with skills and knowledge, graduates from Santa Monica College have a higher percentage of getting employed or starting their own IT companies. Secondly, Santa Monica College is located in a serene environment which is an ideal place for students pursuing technical courses such as computer science. The quiet vicinity offers a perfect environment to carry out computer science research projects, but most importantly, computer lab practicals are quite challenging; hence total concentration is required.
The world is a competitive global village, which requires lots of inventions and innovations. Computer science greatly impacts the technological sector; thus pursuing the course in a prestigious college like Santa Monica, will provide me the opportunity to compete globally with other IT experts. My future plans such as giving back to my community on the knowledge and skills acquired in the college are my number one priorities. I want to assist some of the local educational institutions and hospitals in setting up systems which will aid in the day to day running of business affairs. Upon completion of my course at Santa Monica College, I will venture into the job market and seek formal employment. I will venture into computer programming opportunities either in US or my native country China, considering both countries are on the front line when it comes to computer science innovations. As per my plan, after getting employed, I will work and save capital to set up an IT business firm, since by then, I would have gained enough experience and knowledge of doing business. I am a person who believes in self-employment and creating opportunities for other people to learn and experience. I will work hard in college to try and earn a scholarship to further my studies in the computer science field. I personally understand that learning is a continuous process; thus after college education, I will continue studying at the university levels. Back at home, I will engage in social responsibility activities of helping the community solve some of the social and economic problems through computer software programs. Additionally, I will network with people in the field to enlighten me more on the different opportunities available in the computer science area.

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