Reflection Paper- Human Resource

“InstructionsWrite a reflection paper on the references cited below. The paper should be 500 to 1000 words and follow generally, these guidelines about the meaning, form and approach to the paper. Guidelines:  (This link points to a Texas A&M website.)
Due Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 by 11 pm Central time to Turnitin link in Blackboard
How to Submit the Paper? Submit the paper through a Turnitin link in Blackboard. The link will be available shortly and I’ll let you know. 
McKinsey Article
Review this McKinsey article, The Color of Wealth along with the Podcast. Shown below is a screenshot from that article that highlights the institutional, social and legal impediments to facilitating wealth creation for black Americans. 
Podcast [ Click anywhere in the red box below for the podcast. ]
If you don’t use Apple’s podcast app, there are many free podcast apps and some of them will carry the same content:
Pocket Casts.
TuneIn Radio.
This paper will represent 10% of your grade in this class.

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