Reflective portfolio

You are to create an individual reflective portfolio of written work with supporting evidence that demonstrates, analyse, evaluates and critically reflects upon your personal engagement with the stages of finding and securing a graduate-level placement role. You must reflect on how the activities used during the module helped you refine your decision-making processes and how your placement ideas changed between the first and final taught session. A recognised model of reflection should be used where appropriate. It is acceptable to write in the first person because this portfolio is about you!
Introduction – as with any introduction, you should briefly outline the Portfolio’s contents and structure and ‘set the scene’ for the reader. What does the portfolio say/show?
Section 1: Ideal Placement Role(s)
From the results/feedback/knowledge you have gained from the range of sources and activities used during the module, identify one or two placement roles (1. HRM. 2. Administrative Services or Marketing) that would best support your future career plans*. Reflect on why the role(s) is/are suitable for you, including information on the type of role, the skills/knowledge/personality traits it requires, where it is based and the industry sector. Use the results/feedback/knowledge gained from the sources and activities to provide the rationale for your chosen placement role(s).
Attach all relevant evidence of the sources/activities you have completed which support or underpin your choice of placement role(s) in your appendix, directing the reader to view each item. Do not include evidence of activities that you have not specifically discussed in the main body.
*You may also include copies of relevant placement advertisements in your appendix, if you wish.
Section 2: My key Personal and Professional development Activities
Using subheadings to separate each activity, identify and describe up to five key personal and professional development activities that you have found to be influential in your placement search. Critically evaluate your participation in these activities and analyse the feedback you received, explaining how it helped you understand your own performance in the activity and identify what you may need to improve in the future.
Attach the relevant evidence of your key personal and professional development activities and the feedback received in your appendix, directing the reader to view each item.
Section 3: Reflection on how my decisions, thinking and skills have developed
With your early placement role thoughts in mind and using your weekly reflective journal entries to remind you, critically reflect on, analyse and evaluate how your own thought processes, decisions and skills have developed between the start of the module and now, in relation to securing that ideal placement role. Were your early thoughts realistic and if so, how? If not, what has changed? Reflect on what this module’s activities and the feedback you have received (and any activities you completed outside of the module) have taught you about yourself and your search for a placement. Use a reflective model to structure your writing.
Attach the relevant evidence (eg. screenshots) of your weekly reflective journal which should demonstrate how your thinking, decision-making and skills have developed over time.

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