Research Design Components

“Research Design Components
· Title (less than 12 words)
· Abstract (150300 words)
· Keywords (57)
· The topic under investigation
· Significance, value, or worth
· Literature and theory
· Ethics statement
· Research purpose statement
· Research questions
· Genre/specific design
· Degree of standardization and control
· Methods of data collection
· Sampling, participants, and setting
· Data analysis and interpretation strategies
· Evaluation
· Representation
· Appendix with the interview protocol (list of questions you will ask)
· List of references in APA style
Note: Unless otherwise noted, responses to each of the sections should be between 12 paragraphs in length. Please be as specific as you can at this point in time. Please use the Flick textbook as a resource in this exercise.  
Note word file is completed template you can edit on the world file.”

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