Research Paper on Issues in Canadian Politics: Topic Selection

Instructions: Choose one of the following topics, and submit your selection along with two to three sentences explaining why you are choosing it. This will take the place of our normal lecture reflection assignment this week.
Next week, we will provide detailed instructions for how to research your papers, as well as the assessment criteria we will use to evaluate your research papers.

Topic 1: Pipelines and Canadian Politics

Compare two of the pipeline projects listed below, and explain how they demonstrate the significance of regionalism, federalism, and (if applicable) indigenous politics in Canada. In your comparison, discuss the political actors involved, the arguments in favor and against the pipelines, and the ultimate fates of the pipelines. Choose two of the following pipelines:

  • Northern Gateway     Energy East
  • Trans Mountain Enbridge Line 3
  • Keystone XL

Topic 2: Reforming the Senate

Critically review two of the proposals to reform the Senate listed below, and make an argument in favor of one of them. In your review and your argument, identify what failings in the current institutional arrangements Senate reforms hope to improve, and whether there are other consequences or concerns which outweigh the benefits. Review two of the following proposals:

  • Bill C-60 Proposal
  • Triple E Proposal
  • Trudeau Proposal
  • Abolish the Senate

Topic 3: Political scandals and institutional reforms

Select two of the political scandals from the list below, and explain the details of the cases and how the governments acted inappropriately. Also, identify what (if any) changes have been made since the scandals occurred, whether the reforms have been effective, and if any future reforms are needed. Choose two of the following scandals.

  • Sponsorship scandal
  • Robocall scandal
  • SNC-Lavalin affair


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