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Attached document explains needs. Two different questions to write responses for.
In this paper, I will answer each question according to the materials provided for each question. The materials are different and thus cannot be used to answer all questions
Because of the changes in the composition of the government and the tyranny of numbers for both houses of legislation, the government may opt to make amendments to the law that had been made by the previous government of Democrats. This may cause a scenario of chaos with the legislature simply because the republicans only have a slight majority of the houses and a slight shift by some of their members would make the whole process untenable.
For a legislation to pass as per the circumstances listed is that they all have to woo their members to at least support their recommendations of the legislation by a 100% voting for the legislation. There have to be no dissenting members of the Republicans.
As observed towards the end of the scenario, the relationship of the Executive and the legislature is cordial for the Republicans were united in opposing the Democrats from passing a bill that would hurt Americans. As a result, the Republicans may opt to retaliate and thus everything Democrats had done. This is because in the prior government, the democrats ignored the republicans despite their concerns of the effect of the law to the people of America.
In part a of the second question, I conclude that at no particular day did the Supreme Court enjoy a 100% attendance. This is evident in all the graphs for there is no time the hundred threshold is attained.
In part b, by observing the graphs, the court is evidence to be liberal in that they opt to vote for solving of a weighty case which is presented to the court. Every opinion of the judge is respected. At sometimes the court becomes conservative due to some instances of unanimous decisions.
The judicial process of passing a ruling is a good replication of the voting process of civil society in that in their ruling there is the voting process which is a democratic process. Just as there is never been a 100% voter turnout so is evidenced by the data on the graphs even on the unanimous process.
The scenario presented for question one
The graphical presentation for supreme court of 2016-2017 for question two

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