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As you now know, retailing is a very dynamic and hyper competitive industry, one that is likely to undergo further transformation over the next several years. In this context, we have provided several scenarios for you to consider, before selecting one to research and write about. Some may sound outlandish today, but the thought of an online bookseller evolving into a $100B+ everything stores seemed somewhat unrealistic just a few short years ago.Things change. In this context, please select one proposition from among the following, and provide a 6-8-page white paper outlining who you believe will “win” going forward: It has been said that Amazon can and will overtake Walmart as the world\’s largest retailer within the next 10-15 years. What does your research tell you? Google will overtake Apple as the worldwide leader in technology related sales to consumers by 2025. H&M will surpass GAP in apparel sales in the United States market within the next 10 years. The consumer will determine that JC Penney and Kohls are “redundant,” and one of them will be out of business in 5 years. Who will win and who will lose? A populist backlash against “elitist” coffee drinking tastes will enable Dunkin Donuts to overtake Starbucks by 2020. The Millennial Market finds Trader Joes much cooler than Whole Foods, enabling TJS to become the largest “niche” supermarket within the next 5 years. Today Macys Inc. generates roughly $27B in annual revenue and Nordstrom Inc. is roughly half that size. Which company will be larger in 2025? Your paper should include, but not be limited to, the following: A BRIEF summary of each company\’s operations; target/geographic markets, revenues, retail mix, trends etc. A SWOT assessment of each enterprise. Note: this portion is critical and should serve as a basis for your recommendations. Identification of, and justification for, the strategies the \”winning\” retailer needs to employ in order to \”win.\” An assessment of what the other retailer(s) might do to \”not lose.\” The identification of some \”unforeseen\” possibilities within the scenario you have chosen. Is there an alternative outcome we have not considered; e.g. will H&M overtake both GAP and Uniqlo? You are encouraged to use whatever databases or external sources (videos, etc.) are necessary to support your proposition. Papers are to be submitted in standard APA format.

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