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Q1. Please imagine that you work for a Seattle based company that manufactures high quality hockey pucks locally, i.e., the pucks are Made in USA, and currently sells them only in the USA. The company is interested in expanding internationally.
Please use what you learned in class, sources in the library and the internet, to identify two potential markets. Please justify your selection. For instance, how did you select the markets, what further research is necessary, would you export the hockey pucks to the markets you selected or would you implement a different market entry mode, etc. Please use APA citation format.
Q2. We learned about brand extensions in class. Please identify two examples of “successful” brand extension and two examples of “failed” brand extension. Please justify why you believe the brand extensions succeeded/failed.
With regards to the failed extensions, what should have the firms done differently?
* Please list your source(s) for successful and failed brand extensions towards the end of your response. Please use APA citation format.

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