Self-Regulation in Curriculum

“For this assignment, begin by watching the video Sesame Street: The Waiting Game With Guy Smiley! (Links to an external site.)
After watching the video, address the following in your paper:
Discuss the three most significant concepts that you learned about promoting self-regulation in children from the video, Chapter 5 of your primary text, and/or your own experience working with young children.
Describe at least two developmental and two experience-based influences on self-regulation in young children. Use either a scholarly or credible source to support your description.
Create a measurable learning objective for a potential lesson or activity for one of your developmental influences and one of your experience-based influences in order to foster the development of self-regulation skills.
Your learning objectives need to be clear and measurable.
If you need help with how to create learning objectives, refer back to the objectives section of the Early Childhood and Child Development Lesson Plan Handbook you used in Week Two, review pages 81-82 of your primary text, or visit the Week Three Instructor Guidance.
You will develop one of these objectives into an actual lesson plan for your Final Paper; when developing your objectives for this assignment; make sure it aligns with your overall theme for the unit.
Explain how the learning objectives you created will allow you to implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for your students regarding self-regulation. Use your states early learning standards as support for this section.
Suggested Assignment Length: This assignment should two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages).
I have attached an example of the lesson plan guide and Mississippi Early Learning Standards

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