Smart Phone App Project Report

Your Client Project Description
This project calls for an app that uses a smart phone’s camera and position sensors
The user will draw a game space on a piece of paper. An ‘O’ will represent a ball. An ‘X’ will represent a hold. Lines will represent walls.
The user will then take a picture of the game space and the phone will convert the analog picture into a digital game. The user will guide the ball into the hole using the phone’s sensors to cause the ball to roll. The idea is to move the ball into the hole.
Develop a working definition and description of the problem you will be solving. Include details from client meeting (if you’ve been able to have one) and from the project proposal. Identify metrics answering the following question: What are the desired outcomes? How will you know when you’ve solved the client’s problem?
Please Note: Individual writing assignment means each person must write his/her own unique draft.
Translating client demands into technical solutions; articulating development goals in writing; creating performance metrics.
Assignment Description
Now that you have met your project group and have (hopefully) contacted and heard back from your client, you and your teammates need to sit down with them and really hammer out what, exactly, your project is intended to be. As we all know, some of the project descriptions on Capstone web site are rather…vague. In many cases, that vagueness is due to the limited space on the original project template, rather than any confusion in the mind of the project client.
Sit down as a team (most likely virtually) with your client, and have a conversation about what project is. Within the context and boundaries of their initial ideas, make your voice heard. After all, this is your project to design and implement. Please do not be pushy or rude, and remember that you have to make your client happy with the project.
This assignment will be individually written and graded; however, you can discuss your ideas with your teammates and share any research resources you might have, if you choose to.
Keep in mind, the point of this document is to define the project in a way that leaves both you and the client happy. If you have not been able to arrange a meeting with your client this week, use the project proposal and internet searches as a source of ideas.

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