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Digital technology, including social media, has changed how we communicate, deliver
and receive information, access entertainment and shop (Armstrong& Kotler, 2017,
In this assignment, you will select a company which is using social media platforms
such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and address the following points:
1) Provide an introduction to the company, the needs/value they are serving, their
target customer and the social media platforms they are utilizing. If they are using
multiple platforms, list them here and then choose 1 to evaluate in the next
2) Evaluate the effectiveness of the social media platform you chose in building and
maintaining customer relationships while providing information about the brand.
3) Evaluate the effectiveness of the company in creating customer engagement.
How does their branding message align with the company’s marketing mix?
4) Based on your observation, do you think social media is a positive return on
investment for the company? Why or why not?
5) Use at least two resources to support your work (one may be the textbook). Use
specific examples to support your points. Include a link to the social media
platform you are evaluating in your paper. Follow APA guidelines.
• Length: at least 2 double-spaced, APA formatted pages

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