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“1. Select a word that represents your past, one which represents your present, and another representing your future. You will introduce yourself by detailing why you have selected the word and how it represents you. Consider activities with which you are associated, your ambitions, your talents, or anything else you think might be an important aspect of yourself.
2. To prepare, briefly jot down the reasons you chose this description and what it says about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Give some thought to your choices
3. Now, read over your notes and determine what you want to include in your 400 WORD (MAX) speech. These ideas will become the body of your speech. You will need to add your introduction and conclusion. These will be lasting impressions of you and are important elements for your speech.
· Think about how you will begin. Start your presentation creatively rather than saying “My name is _______and the first word I chose is ______.”
· To conclude, avoid saying “Well, that’s all I have.” or “That’s all the time I have.””

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