“Please answer the questions listed in a 3 page paper with 4 or more references. APA format.
What is a stakeholder?  I am not looking for a marketing/business definition (we are focused on ethics).
Why are stakeholders important to the study of ethics within organizations?
Within your chosen organization which you have been writing about this semester, identify multiple stakeholders (cast a very wide net).
Classify stakeholders as internal, external, self-appointed, etc.
What is the difference between a Stakeholder and a Stockholder?
Identify at least 3 areas where ‘balance between stakeholder demands’ is challenging and must be compromised.  (Elaborate about what each side desires).
Do some stakeholders present ethical dilemmas?  If so, please explain what you see as some of the ethical dilemmas.  You may want to refer back to the Code of Ethics (if one exists).
To the best of your knowledge, have stakeholders (self-appointed or others) affected policy decisions within your chosen organization?  Do you think this is possible?”

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