Strengths Finder

“Review your strengths finder results from HLTH 6005: Perspectives on Health and the Developing Professional or HLTH 8003 Building Multidisciplinary Approach in Health. After reviewing your results, complete the assignment below:
********** Strengths Finder Results Attached **********
Submit a 2 to 3 page paper (not including title page and references), to include the following:
Title page
Section headers for each of the following required sections:
What are your top five themes of strengths?
How will you leverage your top five themes of strength to develop as a health educator?
Reflect on a situation within the last three months in which you believe one of your top five strength themes allowed you to successfully solve the situation/issue/challenge or problem. Describe this situation and how your strength enabled you to be successful. 
Select one of your five themes of strengths and describe your plan to implement/develop this theme as a current or future health educator.
Cite the sources within your text where you refer to them, using APA format.
Include a reference list using APA format.

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