Summative Assessment

“Assignment Overview and Context: 
Early childhood education settings are comprised of diverse children and families. As you have learned in the past 6 weeks, family and community partnerships have a lasting impact on childrens success and thus, it is crucial that partnerships are developed early and maintained throughout the year.  
For this project, you will develop a PowerPoint multimedia presentation AND a written transcript that you could share at the beginning of the year with the families in your early childhood environment. The following must be included in your audio, video, or multimedia presentation and written transcript:
Content Expectations:
Clearly introduce yourself and describe what your future goals, position, and learning environment you intend to work in, including desired age level.
Effective Partnership 
Discuss how effective, on-going home and community partnerships can support early childhood curriculum, learners development and the learning environment.  In your explanation, be sure to include research-based evidence from at least two scholarly resources such as theories, practices, strategies, and frameworks to substantiate your position.
Communication and Collaboration Strategies 
Articulate what communication and collaboration strategies you will use in your setting. Provide a rationale, detailing why your suggested strategies are best for developing and maintaining partnerships. Support your position with at least two scholarly resources.
Family and Community Involvement 
Specifically explain how families can be involved in school, at home, and in the community. Include a minimum of four examples.
Future Plans for Partnerships 
Share your plans and visions for on-going partnerships that encourage and inspire families. Describe how you will get them excited about supporting their child throughout the year!
You must include a written text script of your presentation, including a title and reference page.
Research and Resource Expectations: 
Support your position, with at least four scholarly peer-reviewed sources.
Include the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct as a source in this assignment.
Suggested Assignment Length: 
This should be a four to five minute presentation, with a script that is four to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages). The script can be what you included in the footnotes of the presentation. THANK YOU!

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