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The acronym PICO stands for Patient/Problem (P), Intervention (I), Comparison (C), and Outcome (O) (O). Each assessment relies heavily on the four elements. In nursing, PICO is a question format that simplifies the evaluation of patients’ problems and facilitates the implementation of evidence-based practice to identify effective interventions and outcomes. Writing a good PICO demonstrates that a nursing student can assess patients, intervene, and achieve the best health outcomes.

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The evidence-based nursing process is identified when valid, clinically significant, and relevant research is gathered, interpreted, and consolidated. A sliver of existing evidence is translated without creating new knowledge or ratifying existing knowledge to make a clinical decision. Clinicians can make patient-care decisions with the help of evidence-based nursing practices such as PICO, which connects research and theories into practical knowledge. Improved patient outcomes are critical for hospitals dealing with staff issues, and evidence-based practices can help them significantly improve patient outcomes. Contact our PICO assignment help experts for assistance in completing even the most difficult topics.

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What exactly is the PICO procedure?

PICO is a mnemonic for the four components of a consistently clinically emphasized question. P denotes the Patient/Problem to be studied, I represents the Intervention or Treatment to be used, C indicates the Comparison of Interventions, and O means the expected Outcome. As a result, the PICO format is created: Patient/Problem Intervention Comparison and Outcome model.

P– Population, Patient, and Problem

Identifying the Patient or Problem proposed to be studied or solved.

I Intervention

A specialist recommends the best solution or treatment for a problem or disease.

C- Comparison

This step in the PICO process determines whether the chosen Intervention is the best method by comparing it to alternative plans.

O- Outcome

This element, along with others, is thought to be of greater importance. It is concerned with determining the outcomes of the Intervention performed on the patient or problem. Simply put, it is the findings or results of the treatment.

In general, the PICO process consists of seven steps, beginning with a case scheme or situation from which a ‘question’ appropriate for the case is developed and then formulated in a way that stimulates detecting an answer. It is important to remember that the constructed question is not the same as the original PICO question. Instead, the ‘question’ you phrase assist researchers in gaining a better perspective while searching for evidence in the literature.

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Let’s go over the PICO process’s seven steps.

Create the PICO question

In this step, the researchers must create a PICO question based on the problem at hand. Let’s look at an example:

‘The spread of Corona Virus is increasing, particularly in hospitals, even after victims and non-victims are separated.’

Our research question is based on this scenario: “Does regular hand sanitization by healthcare staff reduce virus spread?”

Determine keywords for each PICO element

Problem- A problem that requires a solution.

Intervention- The action or treatment to be taken

Comparison- Other action(s) compared to the Intervention

Outcome- The expected result

“Does regular hand sanitization by healthcare workers reduce virus spread in hospitals?”

PICO elements Keywords
P (Problem) The spread of Virus in hospitals
I (Intervention) Regular hand sanitization by healthcare staff
C (Comparison) No hand sanitizing; wear only masks
O (Outcome) Reduce the spread of the Virus

3. Search Strategy Development

Identifying the database to search (if the manual, then the particular section in the library)

Taking into account the PICO elements

Making subject descriptors or synonyms: This can help to broaden the scope of your search.

4. Search:

If you’re using database software, this can be a quick step because you can get multiple search results with a single click. On the other hand, manual search entails retrieving books from the library and identifying the pages relevant to your PICO question.

5. Refinement of Results

They are completed by using filters on a computer. When conducting a manual search, you must avoid paragraphs, pages, or even the entire literature if they do not contribute to the subject adequately.

6. Literature Review

If a relevant article is missing from the database, you must look for it in the hospital library.

7. Identifying the level of evidence

The final step is to determine the level of proof by considering each article that you chose. For obtaining the most relevant information, You can view a hierarchy based on the strength and level of evidence discovered.

As shown below, the hierarchy includes a level of evidence (high level to low level)

  • The first step is to conduct a meta-analysis.
  • Systematic examination
  • The third stage is a randomized controlled trial.
  • Cohort investigation
  • Case-control experiment
  • Case study or series of case studies
  • The highest level of evidence is meta-analysis.

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