The Medea of Kew Gardens Hills Review

“Be prepared to answer in-depth questions on all of the following. You may want to review the rubric (on the Grading Rubrics section of our course menu).
In your textbook:
Borowitz, Albert. “The Medea of Kew Gardens Hills” (pp. 686-706)
Other readings:
Seal, Mark. “”Prisoner of Denver””
Rich, Nathaniel. “”The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox”” 
Gabrielson, Ryan, and Topher Sanders. “”Busted”” 
Press, Eyal. “”Madness”” 
Corloff, Pamela. “”The Innocent Man”” part 1  and part 2 
Samaha, Albert. “This Is What They Did For Fun”
Montgomery, Ben. “Spectacle: The Lynching of Claude Neal” 
Goffard, Christopher. “Framed” 
Optional: Hollandsworth, Skip. “”The Killer Cadets”” (this is a great read, and takes place in Mansfield, TX in the 1990s.)

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