The overcoat –Russian literature

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The overcoat –Russian literature
Gogol’s work, ‘the overcoat’ is a remarkable work that has enhanced Russian literature greatly. The book’s main character, Akakii Akaievich is a character of bad luck, after and ridicule. Although one that carries the theme of the book. The writer tells stories around this, man and how Akakii has a higher purpose in life but lives a life not worth. Akakii, for instance, works a copying clerk and counselor in one department in the Russian civil service hates his work but does it with commitment (Gogol, 2016). While other workers spend most of their working hours outside the office gossiping, he concentrates in his work and does with more passion. His fate in life is, however, uncelebrated as this story tells of his miserable life and death despite his commitment to a job he did not like. Brotherly love as a string theme comes in the commitment of the higher purposed employee as opposed to the other workers who concerned about must their development (Gogol, 2016). This story, written in the mid-century, has been read to date because of its influence on Russian culture through the depiction of social higher values in the story.
In my opinion, the writer’s mastery of art and the moral lessons drawn from this book have been a particular factor that has influenced Russian literature development. Other writers have been influenced by reading Gogol’s work and have carried away the use of literary devices and correct caption of a story. This story is more likely to be read in generations to come as it is timeless. The story depicts lessons that can be compared to employee attitudes and behaviors to date and one can at least point some character even in the present society.

Gogol, N. (2016). The Overcoat. New York City, USA: Open Road Media.

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