THE RESEARCH PROJECT 20th Century America in Art and Media

The research project has several goals. Amongst which are getting an immersive experience in the craft of history, give you experience comparing different historical arguments and give you experience and feedback in producing a paper similar to one that you would be asked to produce in a University class, albeit with far more time allotted.
You are going to pick a moment or a theme in modern American history and explore how it has been portrayed in media or art. This can be fairly wide ranging, music, film, television, painting, cartoons etc, the requirements being that it is researchable, that is there are serious books or journals on the topic and that it is something that you want to explore.
I would advise thinking about a time period that interests you, and then think of something specific to dive into. I.e. The Vietnam War and specifically how hospitals and soldier care were portrayed in, say movies. From there it is on to finding art, media and sources. I open to ideas if you would like to do something other than a paper for your final project. But there has to be serious research involved. There has to be a works cited and I have to be able to give feedback. If you would like to take a non traditional route. You need to speak to me ASAP. Other wise I will assume you are writing a paper.
The following steps must be completed in order but can be done whenever you have the time to complete them. I would suggest presenting some significant effort to me each week. I am always available to help. Please make an appointment with me and we can do some work together.

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