The student will visit one of three options related to U.S. historical events between the 1500s-1865: 1. A local museum. 2. A National Park. 3. A video website walking video tour of a Museum or National Park related to U.S. historical events between the 1500s-1865. As a precaution, if the student chooses the website route, it is strongly urged that they contact their class professor well in advance to gain approval for both the location and website. The student will then type a double space 12 font reflection (700-800 words) answering the following questions… How is this historical site relevant to events within the 1500s-1865 and the area now known as the United States? What historical information did you learn from this visit? What historical event or events were covered via this site? What (i.e.) artifacts and/or other displayed items were interesting to you and why? In other words, what stood out about this place and why? How did the site help you appreciate history?