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00-1000-word paper, you will do the following:
• Choose a genre of Modern American Literature (fiction, plays, poetry, folklore, nonfiction)
• Choose a theme that exists in at least 2 works from your chosen genre
• Prove a major point about the theme you have chosen (for example: bigotry, religion, power, education, art, etc.)
• Find and use at least 3 peer-reviewed sources to help prove your major point(s).
Please ensure your paper has the following:
1. An appropriate heading and title
2. A thesis which clarifies your chosen theme and what you will prove about it. ( the more precise the better.)
3. Paragraphs that support your thesis.
4. Internal citations for the peer-reviewed sources or the actual works you discuss.
5. At the end of the paper, a word count like this 1055/1000
6. A Works Cited page in MLA format (does not go toward word count)
7. No contractions
8. No use of informal 2nd person “you” unless it’s in a quotation

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