There has been a long-running debate about the difference (or lack of difference) between a manager and leader. What are your thoughts?


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There has been a long-running debate about the difference (or lack of difference) between a manager and leader.  What are your thoughts?
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    The difference between a leader and a manager

In my own opinion, a manager and a leader are used interchangeably to mean a person in the helm of management or controls a department composed of subordinate staffs. In the department I work, I believe my manager automatically leads the section; thus, is also my team leader. In most cases, a foreigner who arrives in a country will always ask an employee to take him/her to the manager. The continuous use of the two terms to mean the same creates confusion but in a situation where there are no idealistic views, a manager and a leader exhibit different features. According to Cole & Kelly (2015), managers are more focused towards motivating the workers to complete the routine tasks while leaders go beyond the normal tasks by setting a foundation for the future to achieve overall organizational goals.  A leader takes charge of situations by influencing his/her followers in the desired path while a manager always engages in reminding and telling the workers to do the assigned duties and responsibilities. Most leaders care about their employees while the managers are more concerned with the numbers he/she controls. Taking an example where an employee slows down in terms of progress, a leader will approach the staff and enquire of any problem requiring assistance. On the other hand, a manager will reprimand the workers and coerce them through threats to ensure they completer their tasks. Managers are groomed and taught to take up managerial positions but a leader may rise into power naturally by exhibiting extraordinary attributes like self-confidence and ambitions that propel the group members to new levels. Managers have big titles such as project managers accompanied by responsibilities while leaders might not have titles but members look up to their leadership skills to provide guidance (Cole & Kelly, 2015).


Cole, G. A., & Kelly, P. (2015). Management theory and practice (7th Ed.) Hampshire: Cengage Learning. Retrieved from

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