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What is the difference between Ubuntu and Linux?

This is a question that lingers through many people’s minds. More so, many students and experts are caught in the middle of a war on which one is the best OS. Other popular operating systems that add up to the dilemma include Windows and Mac OS. however, a considerable amount of people, mostly developers prefer using Linux since it is an open-source operating system.

According to our Linux Assignment Help experts, computer science students should be familiar with open-source operating systems. Thus, knowledge of Linux OS and its diverse versions is almost a must. We walk with you from introduction to the most complex Linux and Ubuntu Operating system project. We will decipher every technical term for you that might be coming between you and good grades in your Ubuntu Assignments.

An operating system such as Linux and Ubuntu consists of a series of software that communicates with computer hardware during operations. The software monitors computer resources and allocates them when required during an operation. The operating system consistently performs the tasks to ensure that the tasks are executed without a hustle. The OS operates as the administrator by ensuring that the installed programs are allocated the necessary memory, processing power, and all resources that it might need to perform the task at hand.

Difference between Ubuntu and Linux by Ubuntu Assignment Help Experts

Just by downloading Linux, users can see the source code of the operating system. In case of any bug or error, the programmer can change the source code to fix the problem. This is the reason why programmers prefer using Linux as the operating system. They have control over everything. Additionally, Linux gives the programmer the advantage of developing their own operating systems by making use of the Linux Kernel, the foundation of the OS. These advantages bring us to Ubuntu, so how does Ubuntu relate to Linux?

Are Ubuntu and Linux the same thing?

Many students do not know the difference between Linux and Ubuntu. Well, the two are not the same. A simple answer is; Linux is a Kernel whereas Ubuntu is an operating system built over that Kernel. Both Linux and Ubuntu are open source software. Ubuntu is available in several flavors that include Ubuntu server, Ubuntu desktop and Ubuntu core for network of physical deices also known as Internet of things (IoT).

Linux is mainly used as a server, more specifically in web servers across the world. Majority of websites are run on a Linux based operating system. Even though Windows and Mac operating systems are very common in personal computers, Linux is gaining popularity very fast. Ubuntu is the most commonly used Linux based operating system due to its user friendly capability. The operating system can be used by an average computer user. Additionally, it is an easy operating system to install.

Linux provides the function of an engine in operating systems. It is based on one of the Linux kernel distributions developed by Linus Torvalds. Ubuntu on the other hand is the main operating system. It comes with basic apps such as Firefox and light games on installation.

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