ULMS522 Assignment Training scenario

You are required to write a 3000 word essay based on the below training scenario.
Training scenario
You have been brought into an organisation as a training and development consultant, to develop a tailored training program for the organization.
Choose an organisation. Then, focus on a specific department or working group within that organisation. This could be an organization that you have worked at/ are working at or one which you can find the necessary information about (e.g., using official company reports).
Consultancy tasks

  1. Identify the training needs of your chosen department or working group within the organisation. For instance, identify one or more challenges or skills gaps within that department/working group.
  2. Design a 2-day training program given these needs.
  3. Explain how this training program would be delivered.
  4. Explain how you will evaluate if the training program was effective.

Please see below the expected structure for your essay:
Essay structure
Introduction (approx. 100 words)

  • Introduce your chosen real-world organization.
  • Provide some details about the context of the organization, for example, in which country and sector is it based? What services/products does it offer?

Learning Needs Analysis (approx. 1000 words)

  • Explain how you have conducted a learning needs analysis to identify the training needs of your chosen department or working group within the organisation. For instance, identify a challenge or skills gap within that department/working group and explain why this challenge or skills gap needs addressing.

Design & delivery (1000 words)

  • Explain the methods that would be included in your training program and how it would be delivered given these needs

Evaluate (approx. 700 words)

  • Explain how you would evaluate the programme you have designed and justify your approach.

Conclusion (approx. 200 words)

  • Summarize your essay.

You are also expected to address the below points in your essay:

  • Your essay should be informed by relevant learning, training and development theories throughout.
  • Your work should be submitted as one coherent essay. Although the structure above includes five different sections, the different stages of the training programme should be linked (e.g., how could design affect delivery or how could delivery affect evaluation etc.)

Submission deadlines and date of return of work to students: April 12th at 12pm
How to submit your work: This coursework requires online submission only. You do not need to submit a hard copy of the coursework. You should submit your coursework via Turnitin, which is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. If you do not submit to Turnitin your work will not be marked.
To submit via Turnitin, you go to the assessment area for the module on Canvas and you will find a link for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for the paper. You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate the file you want to submit, then click “submit”. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button. Note that Turnitin does not permit multiple submission attempts – your submission is accepted as ‘first and final’.
Students are asked to note that the word count is the absolute upper limit. There is no leeway over this, i.e. you will be penalised if you submit work that exceeds the word limit (the suggestion that you may exceed the word count by 10% is a myth!)
The following are not included in word counts:
Reference lists/bibliographies and question titles
Appendices/footnotes – provided these have been used only when necessary. If appendices or footnotes are used excessively, or contain material which should clearly be included in the main body of the essay/report, it is at the markers’ discretion to include these in the word count.
Tables/graphs – provided these have been imported from elsewhere (correctly referenced) and not produced by the student.
Contents pages and front pages of reports
As well as the essay/report itself, the following are included in word counts:
Citations/quotations – this includes the material paraphrased/quoted itself as well as the name, date and page information.
Tables and graphs – if they have been produced by the student.
Executive summaries in reports unless otherwise stated.
Will feedback on draft coursework be given? It will not be possible to review draft versions of the assignment prior to submission, but students will receive oral feedback during seminar discussions.

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