Unit III Assignment Worksheet- Toxicology Assignment help

  1. In your own words, compare the following pairs of terms and then provide an example of each.
  2. Mechanism of action versus mode of actionLocal effect versus systemic effect
  3. Statistical significance versus biological significance
toxicology assignment help
  • Compare chronic exposure to acute exposure.  Research and discuss at least one manufacturing toxicant that causes adverse effects from both chronic exposure and acute exposure.  Identify the toxicant, what it is used for in manufacturing, how exposure occurs and the observable adverse effects that it causes.
  • Using the dose-response curve above answer the following questions:
    • Which substance has the highest potency? Explain your answer.
    • Define NOEL. What is the NOEL range of substance B?
    • What is the ED50 and TD50 of substance A? How did you determine these values?
    • The therapeutic index of substance B is 9. Comparing substance A to substance B, which one would be considered safer? Explain your answer.
    • At what dose is the maximum toxic effect of substance A observed? Explain your answer.
    • At what dose is threshold reached for substance B? What is the threshold of a substance?

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