University Canada West – CPSC110 – 06

Take-Home Assignment and Lab

Create an informative Newsletter from the content available in below link:

Consider below parameters in your design:

  1. Choose a background Color. (5%)
  2. Create a Cover Page including:
  3. Title: Insert a Title for your Newsletter and make it Bold and Italic. (10%)
  4. Autor Name: Insert two shapes and join them together and write the Author Name. (10%)
  5. In Page 2:
  6. Create a Header with a Date, Page Number and Logo. (10%)
  7. Copy & Paste Two paragraphs from the above website and modify headings of each paragraph using Bullets and make the titles Bold and Italic. (10%)
  8. Use an Online Picture with “Tight” layout. (5%)
  9. Insert two footnotes. (10%)
  10. Cite the given website and add Bibliography. (10%)
  11. In Page 3:
  12. Create two columns with contact information and a picture. (10%)
  13. Insert hyperlink as a website address to webpage (5%)
  14. In Page 4:
  15. Insert a Smart Art List to show tips and use relevant pictures. (5%)
  • In Page 5:
  • Create the following table. (10%)