University timetabling software case study

Hypothetical Project Case Study

Central Coast University is seeking to develop a new timetabling system to replace its current manual timetabling system. With the remarkable increase in both the students and staff numbers in recent years, the complexity of timetabling has reached a point in which it is beyond human capacity to complete the timetabling tasks manually. There are many constraints such as staff availability, classroom availability and capacity, as well as incompatibilities between subjects that need to be considered in timetabling. For example, two subjects which are undertaken by the same cohort at the same time cannot be timetabled together. A class which is assigned to a lecturer cannot be scheduled at a time that the lecturer is not available.

The current manual timetabling system has created a considerable amount of timetable clashes for students enrolled in T2 2019. The University is seeking to have a new and improved timetabling system developed as soon as it is practically possible, and expects to have the new system up and running by T1 2020.

The System shall allow timetabling officers to collect and store staff availability, set classroom availability and capacity and allocate the estimated number of students for a class. It should also allow students to view and amend their timetables.

The University has committed $500,000 for this project.


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