Uprooting Stress, Coping, and Anxiety: A Longitudinal Study of International Students.

Journal Article Analysis Worksheet

[1] What is the title of the research study?  Uprooting Stress, Coping, and Anxiety: A Longitudinal Study of International Students.
[2]  For the article,give:
·   First author’s last name
·   Title of thejournal
·   Publicationyear
First Author’s Last Name: Szabo
Journal Title: International Journal of Stress Management
Publication Year: 2015
The answers below should be in YOUR OWN WORDS, not copied from the article.
[3] What was the purpose of the study?  The study main purpose entailed looking into how coping and uprooting stress strategies predict anxiety among international students.
[4] What was the
authors’ hypothesis?
 The study hypothesized that over time, primary coping strategies impacts on anxiety by way of increments while secondary coping strategies affects anxiety by way of decrements.
[5] What subjects/ participants were studied? What were their characteristics (be specific)?  127 international students
They are students from outsidecountries of the world.
The students possess different cultural background.
[6] What were the most important results?  The results revealed that secondary and primary coping strategies affected the anxiety of students either by lowering or moderately increasing it.
[7] In your opinion, what is the most important applicationof this study to health and wellness?  The study is applicable in helping the students, especially, the international students to cope with foreign country school rules and ways of life to reduce the level of anxiety that might affect their health and psychological development.
[8] What aspect of this research was most interesting to you? In your opinion, what was the most interesting finding? Why?  The aspect that interested me concerned the use of international students for the study because most of them have problems with English language spoken in foreign countries. I was fascinated with the results indicating uprooting strategies never impacted anxiety so much as opposed to primary and secondary strategies. The reason is because I discovered uprooting stress is more of curative measures rather than preventive.


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