“You installed and set up a Bitcoin Wallet this week. 
(Note:- I have prepared my own Bitcoin wallet. Based on one prof yourtube video). 
0- Introduction
1- Do you plan to use your wallet to buy or sell merchandise or services? 
2- If so, what do you plan to do with your Bitcoin? 
3- If not, describe why you don’t want to use Bitcoin. 
4- Will your plans change in the future? 
5- conclusion
6- References

Module 6 – Using the Bitcoin Blockchain Required Readings
This week’s required readings:

“Bitcoin Wallets For Beginners: Everything You Need to Know”: https://cointelegraph.com/bitcoin-for-beginners/what-is-bitcoin-wallets

“How to Use the Bitcoin.com Wallet”: https://www.bitcoin.com/guides/how-use-the-bitcoin-com-wallet


500 words. Put more focus on subjects. APA with proper citation.”

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