variations for a property tax moratorium

Metronight is the fastest growing city in the country’s “Moon Belt,” with a growth rate of nearly 11% per year for the last decade. This growth has offered unprecedented economic opportunities both to long-time residents and to newcomers.
1. Include the following variations for a property tax moratorium: (a) as proposed on improvements, but inflation adjustments on current base are allowed; (b) sooner or more rapid adjustments; or (c) on reassessments, but not on rates. 2. Include specific impacts on the city’s employment. In the short term, 20% of the additional construction expenditures are expected to swell the income of residents. In the long run, the different pattern of jobs is expected to slow the growth of the city’s population. Rather than new residents moving to the suburbs from other localities, more of the jobs will be filled by residents of the city’s core (where there is an unemployment rate that is five times the rate for the rest of Metronight).

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