Video case 6

“Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation. Chapter 14, page 225.
Submit the VCA’s assigned in a W document following the format below, based on the APA 6th Edition Manual. The only source of reference for these assignments is the course’s textbook.
The length of this assignment should be 5 paragraphs as follows
1-Paragraph 1 :Introduction. Provide basic  information about the video, concept , website information.
2-Paragraphs  2, 3,4  . View video . Describe and analyze in your words the concept  information , answering the questions presented . Provide any theory, theorists and organizations mentioned.
3.Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, APS 6th Ed. rules.
4-Paragraph 5: Reference page: Textbook information.
link for video:”

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