Week 2 Discussion 1 Child protection Agencies Infographic

“In this discussion, the focus is on examining agencies responsible for child protection. You will sharpen your technology skills by creating an infographic about a specific agency. Infographics are a way to visualize data and information using text and graphics and can be powerful instructional tools, as noted in the Teaching With Infographics (Links to an external site.) presentation and further explained in the Week Two Instructor Guidance. Prepare for this discussion by reading Rubin (2012) Chapter 1, the Principles and Philosophy (Links to an external site.) resource, and the Week Two Instructor Guidance. Then, using the software of your choosing, be sure to attach or link to your infographic in your initial post. Your infographic will be included in the Week Six Final Project.
Initial Post: Create an infographic using the software of your choice that includes the following:
An      engaging title for the infographic.
A      summary of a specific child protection agencys vision, mission, guiding      principles, or philosophies.
A      summary of how the agencys philosophies, principles, and key policies      support or align with the philosophical tenets promoted by the Adoption      and Safe Families Act (ASFA) 1997.
At      least one image in the infographic.
A      references section that cites all information summarized in the      infographic, including the child protection agency you researched and at      least one other local, state, national, for-profit or non-profit      organization.

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