Week 3 Journal Assignment

“Week 3 Journal
As you are reading Chapter 4 of your course text, take note of the learning stages and theories that are explored. While thinking about how some of these stages and theories fit into your personal philosophy of learning, in addition to your (potential) role as a mentor, please respond to the following questions in your journal:
Malcolm Knowles helps us recognize that adults tend to demand that learning be relevant to their lives. How can using and nurturing your interpersonal intelligencemake learning more relevant for a teacher with whom you are working?
Reflect on a time when you observed another person who helped you understand something in a new way through music, dance, or exploration of nature (or another similar activity). Discuss how learning something in a different way than you expected felt or how it engaged you.
Recall an occasion when someone taught you something through hinting or using open-ended questions. Reflect on how scaffolding an adults learning is key to the mentoring process.

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