Week 3 Shubin Assignment

“Read Chapter 4 “Teeth Everywhere” in Your Inner Fish.
Submit the answers to the following questions.
 You have 2 choices as to how to submit your assignment
1.  Bring to week 4 class a hard copy of these questions and answers to refer to in class and submit these to the instructor after class discussion.  Hand written is OK.
2.  Submit your assignment in the appropriate basket in the drop box before week 4 class starts.  If you make this choice you must bring to class your computer so that you can read your answers and discussions to the class.
1.  What was the original job of teeth?  What do they allow creatures to do?
2.  How can we tell that the human animals are “all-purpose eaters” from our teeth?
3.  What’s the major difference between reptile teeth and mammal teeth?
4.  About how long ago did our mammalian way of precise chewing show up in the fossil record.
5.  What is significant about the teeth of Tritheledonts? 
6.  What makes teeth so hard?
7.  What are conodonts?
8.  Describe the ancient arms race between armored fish and fish with teeth.
9.  Describe the microscopic structure of the head armor of Ostracoderms.
10.  Described how teeth are formed.  What tissues are involved?  What is the significance?
11.  Compare the development of teeth, breasts, feathers and hair.
12.  Explain:  the diverse inhabitants of our world are just variations on a theme.

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