This is the instruction of my written assignment, please read carefully and use APA style.
First, read the post question and required readings
Post question:
Compare and contrast the views of social science as advanced within the readings. What is social science?  And how do social scientists know something is true? How do social scientists know whether research is worth doing?
Required readings:
Van de Ven, A. (2007) Engaged scholarship: A guide for organizational and social research. London: Oxford University Press, Inc.  Chapter 1 and 2.
After you finish reading required readings, use about 275 words to answer the post question. Please no definition of terms, no bullet point and cite all references. Please avoid relying heavily on definitions, try to have a discussion and not restate the given definition by the author. Be sure to have a doctoral, academic, and engaging discussion. Please use the simple English to reply. Do not use outside of source.



Social scientific views recognize there is a gap in the research of academic works due to little contribution to scientific knowledge. The views are in varied opinions as others suggest researches conducted by scholars are meant to ignite new knowledge that will contribute to other students to further the study by engaging in unexplored variables or gaps of the study. From chapter one of the book by Van de Ven (2007), introduces scholars to a new way of doing scientific research through engaged scholarship form. According to Van de Ven (2007), a research project should have four distinct parts which include: formulating the problem at hand in a question form, formulating theories and conceptual frameworks that addresses the problem as it exists currently, conducting empirical pieces of evidence, which a researcher will compare with alternative models available for the question and finally use the research findings to communicate solutions to the problem (Van de Ven, 2007). In chapter two of Van de Ven (2007) book, various critics argue that social sciences can never be objective or rational in nature because of the different perception, ideologies, and languages of people who act as the inputs and channels of social sciences. Social sciences refer to the process of studying various human societies and how they create social relationships. Van de Ven advises that scientists are in a position to know something is true if it is testable and researchable. Additionally, experiments can be conducted on the item or idea to confirm how true or false the issue is. Something is worth doing if it can scientifically promote knowledge to existing literature. According to social scientists, for research to take place, all the data must be available and easy to collect, the existing literature reviews must support some of the facts from the study and models of the study must intend to solve the problem question by contributing to new scientific knowledge (Van de Ven, 2007).


Van de Ven, A. (2007) Engaged scholarship: A guide for organizational and social research. London: Oxford University Press, Inc.  Chapter 1 and 2.