What role do port partners potentially play via the AMSC?

What do you consider the most critical elements to successful port operations around the world?
As it can be seen in every piece of legislation, strategy, or international code, communication between different entities is a common thread. Within all of the resources at hand for port operations, there is a section that discusses the sharing of information and the collaboration between agencies, governments, national, state and local authorities, including those associated with the private sector to boost effectiveness of security and provide an adequate response to security incidents. Port authorities have a plethora of responsibilities that are not manageable by a single person. Within the port there are many functions that are not directly controlled by the port authorities further driving the point home that there must be communication and collaboration with all invested parties. One method to help outline who is responsible for what areas and how the operational chain of command is established is through Memorandums of Understanding and/or Memorandums of Agreement. (APUS, n.d.)
What role do port partners potentially play via the AMSC?
The Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) was established via the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 following the attacks on 9/11. The AMSC “provide[s] a link for contingency planning, development, review, and update of Area Maritime Security Plans (AMSP), and to enhance communication between port stakeholders within federal, state and local agencies, and industry to address maritime security issues.” (U.S. Coast Guard, n.d.) More specifically, the AMSC is responsible for identifying critical infrastructure and operations, identifying risks associated with port facilities and operations, develop mitigation strategies and how to implement them, create a process for continued risk assessments of port security, and act as an advisor to developing the Area Maritime Security Plans. (U.S. Coast Guard, n.d.)
-Charles Eckart
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