When working in Human Services

“When working in Human Services,  the intake process lays the foundation for building the helping relationship.  The way intakes are done can vary from agency to agency. Many organizations  will have specific forms or paperwork that the client will complete and go over with the Human Services professional. The information collected in the intake is only the beginning when it comes to learning about the client’s needs.   
Human Services professionals need  to be mindful of how the intake discussion is communicated and documented. It  is important to keep the language neutral and objective. The professional must  not interject their own opinions or insights and the focus of the appointment  must be on gathering information.
This week you will submit the Intake and Assessment notes for your course project. A school worker sent this information (Case Study) to me as a child protective worker, From my standpoint, I must meet with the family and formulate my assessment.
Intake/Assessment  Notes- For this submission  you will create an  intake form that you would use in your initial meeting with the family. You  will need to document the specific phrases and/or questions that you would use  in order to obtain the information needed to work with the family. Be mindful  of the language used with the client during the intake. 
Intake  Notes: Your intake notes should include questions or statements that collect information on the following as well as any additional information you feel is relevant:
Details related to each member of the  family (age, sex, grade in school, etc.)
Family Structure
Employment status
Family history related to marital status, moving, work, etc
Background with Human Services
Current life stressors (work, financial difficulties, substance abuse, etc.)
Current needs the client has 
*Do Not worry about short term goals or Diagnostic  Impression*
Assessment Notes: Your assessment notes should document the information you know about the family from the referral.  Although the assessment notes will more than likely not be seen by the client, it is important that the language used maintains professionalism and  objectivity. You will want to include the following as well as any additional information you feel is relevant:
Note who made the referral 
Identify the reasons for referral
Present the issues that you might address 
Identify potential avenues of resources to explore

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