Why do you feel that the national security strategy serves as the most important document at this point in time?

1) Why do you feel that the national security strategy serves as the most important document at this point in time?
2) Discuss the challenges associated with protecting the homeland and balancing privacy and civil liberties. Is there a conflict that exists between the law, ethics, and politics and does this present challenges in homeland security?
3)Critique the homeland security enterprise’s capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties.
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Legal and Ethical Issues

  1. Why do you feel that the national security strategy serves as the most important document at this point in time?

The document ensures that the president’s vision for the United States’ role in the global domain is outlined. The nation has played many roles in the politics of the world since 1945 and it is from that point that she began the journey of being known as a superpower (Anastasopoulos, 2020). The country has won many wars and solved many tough military disputes courtesy of the dictates of her national security strategy, which always outlines the United States’ political role. The document makes sure that the security priorities of the United States’ president are outlined seeing to it that the nation has good planning. The process ensures that the security needs of the United States are placed in order from the most urgent to those, which are not necessary. It is in this capacity that the national security strategy document has proven important in the modern times because the world has reached a point where security is very crucial.
The United States requires a lot of information to maintain her influence in the global domain and to ensure that she does not lose her prestige as a superpower. The document ensures that the process of resource allocation is smooth and carried out in an informed manner. It would be very fatal for the government of the United States to make poor decisions when it comes to resource allocation because the nation would risk remaining defenceless (Best et al., 2020). The national security strategy ensures that government agencies as well as departments receive the fund allocation they deserve as far as their duties and expectations are concerned. Funds are not the only resource required however because there are other things like personnel and mandates.
The national security strategy is crucial in these times because it ensures that the United States forms good partnerships with allies from all over the world. The organization plans the nations that the United States ought to work with so that its world presence can be felt (Farmer et al., 2020). Great alliances make sure that the nation deters any attacks that could be destructive to the country as well as the citizenry. Therefore, without the national security strategy the United States lacks the vision to ensure that it maintains its freedom and influence in the domain of global politics. The national security strategy is crucial in the modern times because it justifies to the congress why the president allocates certain funds to a certain cause. The congress might deny the president’s action of allocating money to a certain military course if the national security strategy fails to give a good reason why he/she is taking such measures. Therefore, there must be a yearly budget allocated to the military courtesy of the national security strategy’s rationale.
The body garners public support to ensure that the United States’ security undertakings are justified. The nation cannot engage in a conflict that the citizenry does not support because there will be a great friction between the parties. It is the duty of the national security strategy to make sure that the United States is transparent regarding her security undertaking within and outside the country (Fry-Bowers, 2020). The reason is because the citizenry pays tax and the decisions made by their nation will affect their lives sometimes even for many years.

  1. Discuss the challenges associated with protecting the homeland and balancing privacy and civil liberties. Is there a conflict that exists between the law, ethics, and politics and does this present challenges in homeland security?

Sometimes, maintaining the security of the homeland is very challenging prompting the government of the United States to use unethical means to diminish certain threats. In this case, the greatest problem comes in respecting the liberties of citizens as far as their privacy is concerned. It is a problem that will see an eternal conflict between the maintenance of national security and the compromise of personal privacy (House, 2020). For instance, the aftermath of the twin tower bombing on September 11 came with a lot of ethical security challenges because the government had to wiretap the phones of different people in the country. It was a desperate period that called for helpful measures regardless of how much unethical they may have been at the time.
The government of the United States has used the strategy of reading the emails of different people all over the world to make sure that their intentions are understood. The strategy has been forwarded as a means of dealing with terrorism even in the contemporary times in an attempt to apprehend foreigner as well as American citizens as well (Jones, 2020). The fete has been made possible courtesy of the fact that the United States has an increasing digital knowledge as well as good computers with the ability to look into large amounts of data. In this way, the machines can detect a pattern of information with suspicious data and consequently give a lead to the sender as well as receiver. The authorities can in turn ensure that they thwart an imminent threat regardless of the method used to catch the criminals involved.
Security will always require information that is not locally available because of the manner in which it is acquired. It is also good to understand that the government does not ask for a warranty since investigations are done in secrecy to ensure that the perpetrator does not suspect any undertaking. In this way, it is easy to catch him/her in the process of the criminal offense. It is these undertakings that make the United States’ government act like a spy agency just to ensure that security is maintained as well as the safety of all citizens outside the nation (Krajewska, 2020). The improvement of technology in the contemporary times ensures that America’s capability in spying the personal information of her citizens has increased. The United States must always ensure that she has the telephone number information of every individual in a way that can help the government trace his or her residences and identities as well.
Sometimes, trusted companies are used to ensure that the government receives a lot of private information regarding people inside and outside the United States. For instance, companies like Facebook are contacted by authorities to share information regarding certain personalities if they are suspected of suspicious activities. In such situations, the companies give the information of the people of interest while they also ensure that the government is given authority to directly look into the accounts of the people they desire to know more about (Kristensen, 2020). Therefore, there is no way that the government will maintain ethics and civil rights while investigating criminal offences on the political arena.

  1. Critique the homeland security enterprise’s capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties.

The first reason why homeland security has the capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties is because lawmakers can ban unreasonable searches. The government can ensure that searches and seizures geared towards the harassment of citizens are stopped as far as homeland security is involved. Instead, the department can make sure that searches are done in a justified manner so that every stakeholder will feel respected throughout the process (Lilli, 2020). The right for every citizen to be defended from unwarranted searches is provided by the constitution and therefore lawmakers only require invoking it so that homeland security can be disciplined in their work.
The homeland security department can ensure that secret information collected from suspects is prevented from leaking to the public in court. Therefore, the civil rights of the accused will be defended and consequently the security of the United States will be maintained. It is among the most effective ways in which the homeland security can ensure that the department does not use disrespectful means to do its work. The department of homeland security can never be denied access to the private information of the citizens of the United States if at all they have to be effectful. As a matter of fact, if they were denied total access to that information the United States would fall into her enemies’ hands (Martin, 2020). To avoid that scenario, the department must be allowed to access the necessary information but in a manner that will respect every citizen who is involved in the investigation.
It is the only way in which the threat of terrorism can be completely eliminated. It is also the only option of the department of homeland security to remain relevant and effective for many years. On the other hand, the department of homeland security ought to ensure that people understand the relationship between national security and liberty. None can exist without the other and if Americans complain of the tactics used by the homeland security, they ought to remember that the nation used war to defend its liberties (Tingstad et al., 2020). Many people were hurt and others lost their lives in the quest to look for freedom since it is not a process that cam easily. Therefore, people in the United States must embrace the idea that security comes at a price and if Americans are not ready to pay the price, they will compromise their wellbeing in the long-term.
The department of homeland security ought to teach people that the United States is a nation “governed by men over men.” Therefore, there will always be people in power to ensure that they control others as well as steer them towards the right direction. Therefore, people must accept the work of the homeland security in gathering information necessary to ensure that the nation remains from domestic as well as global threats (Wang et al., 2020). The safety that Americans enjoy comes at a price and they must be willing to be in an uncomfortable position to ensure that their future safety is guaranteed. In this case, the department of homeland security must ignore consent and do what is right for the purpose of defending all Americans from threat.
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