Write a essay on why victims do not leave their abusers.

Write a essay on why victims do not leave their abusers.  Please dig into this as even the experts do not have a great understanding why victims will stay in an abusive relationship. Do not use any sources or references, just react to it.


People who have been in abusive relationships usually stay there even with the continuation of the same behavior by their partners. Most of the cases regarding abuse that are reported have a unique feature of the victim surviving under the same behaviors for a long period. This is an issue which even the experts lack the knowledge to explain why the victims do not consider moving out of an abusive relationship. However, there are various reasons which could make an individual stay in such an environment for long despite the harsh nature of the environment. If you ask the victims why they are still in such relationships, most of them will give reasons which are valid.
Some of the victims who find themselves in abusive relationships for long without quitting have backgrounds that are harsher than the current conditions. Some people come from families where parents or guardians are harsh to the extent of sleeping hungry for days or receiving corporal punishments due to petty mistakes. Some children are born in families where parents and relatives abusive them sexually. A child growing in such a family might prefer to stay with an abusive partner rather than going back to parents who do not care about their safety. Most of the victims try to change their abusive adult families by reporting to authorities or holding a dialogue with their partners. Therefore, such people stay in abusive relationships for the sake of avoiding the reality in their backgrounds.
Some of the victims have been brainwashed by their abusers thus find it difficult to leave them for safety. The abusers alter the psychology of the victim and show them that they cannot live without them. The victims perceive the outside world to be a harsh environment and prefer to live with those whom they are used to. It is difficult for anyone to convince the victim of their safety after living the abusive relationships thus continue to live with them regardless of the violence in the household.
There are some victims who believe that they are the only humans who can impact a change to the abuser. Therefore, they continue to survive with the abuser with the aim of changing their behaviors. Most live with them out of pity and love. Having a strong bond in a relationship prevents one from leaving their partners. They believe that their partners need them despite the nature of their relationship. Victims work very hard to change the behaviors of their partners having neither success nor giving up.
It is common that most of the victims in relationships have poor backgrounds which the abusers take advantage of knowing that they have no home to go back. With the knowledge of the victims about their backgrounds, they are forced to stay in the relationships. Such persons live with psychological torture and are always mentally disturbed knowing that they will have to live in such an environment for their lifetime.
People living in abusive relationships are both physical mentally affected. Psychological effects are the key aspect in explaining why most victims stay with their abusers.  People who are suffering from psychological issues find it challenging to be flexible in case of any need. Due to mental disturbance, they do not make sound decisions due to various reasons. Therefore, it is not wise to judge a victim in an abusive relationship since there might be many valid reasons why they may prefer not to leave.

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