Ai in Education assignment help

Ai in Education Assignment Help

Ai in Education essay help

For this assignment, you will begin by researching a controversial issue. By first composing an Annotated Bibliography, you will evaluate and analyze sources from the multiple points of view surrounding this issue. Then, you will compose 8-10-page synthesis essay in which you will convey the conversation surrounding the pertinent, real-life, controversial issue.  

The purpose of a synthesis essay to analyze as many different sides of the issue as you can. In other words, your essay should answer the question, “What are the issues relevant to the topic I am writing about?” Through this question, and the variety of viewpoints you present to your readers, you will inform your reader. Remember, having an opinion is important, but it isn’t enough. Develop that opinion and support it with academic sources and evidence.


Topic Choices and Research 

Start by choosing a controversial topic to research by watching 4.1 Research Instruction.  

  • Browse the Issues and Controversies database to find some topics that are interesting to you.    
  • Research eight sources for this paper (Pro tip: find extra sources!). 
  • Three must be scholarly articles accessed via the library databases 
  • One book or ebook (one chapter is all that is necessary) 
  • One newspaper/magazine article 
  • One contemporary film (popular movie or documentary) 
  • Two are at your discretion, but only ONE website is permitted 
  • include sources that have honest potential for the paper 
  • include sources that each provide a unique perspective on the issue 

Part I: Annotated Bibliography 

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources for your paper, and each source entry must also  include explanatory summaries (annotations) that relate to the proposed thesis of the paper.  


By analyzing, summarizing, and evaluating the sources on this list, you are able to decide  which sources are most pertinent and helpful for the paper. It is a tool that assists you in  evaluating the usefulness of sources by accomplishing a thorough exploration of the topic.  As you annotate and examine the sources, you will determine whether or not these sources are applicable to the topic you’re discussing, but also whether or not the source is providing a  unique perspective of the topic.  

The annotated bibliography is a graded element of this project. This is a pertinent step in the  process of writing a research paper, a drafting stage for advancing writers. As a writing class,  I will assess you on your ability to process information and write critically about it.  You will use significant portions of your annotated bibliography in your paper. This part of the assignment isn’t “extra work” but is a crucial part of the writing process to help you develop ideas.  

Content and Organization 

The annotated bibliography should: 

list of four credible sources in MLA References Entry format;  

provide annotations of each source that do ALL the following:  

be five to seven sentences long, including 

  • A summary of the author’s ideas using past tense, written in objective point  of view and academic voice; 
  • An evaluation of the source for bias and relevance;  
  • An evaluation of the source for its contribution to the research project 

The Synthesis Paper should:

  • Draw on a minimum of SIX credible, academic sources (These should be from your
  • Annotated bibliography, though you can find additional sources as needed.)
  • Contain quotes from your sources for only 10% of the text of the paper. Most of the essay
  • Should consist of summaries and paraphrases of your source material, as well as your
  • Own ideas.
  • Examine your topic from multiple unique perspectives, including at least three sources
  • Who investigate viewpoints that conflict with yours
  • Evaluate and analyze all/many sides, perspectives, and/or related issues, even if you are
  • Presenting an argument and entering into this assignment with an opinion on your topic
  • Be written in objective point of view and academic voice


Refer to the video on how to research Links to an external site.

Use Purdue Owl to go over the annotated bibliographyLinks to an external site.

Use the annotation paragraphs you wrote for the Annotated Bibliography and transform them

into essay paragraphs, reworking them into the conversational structure outlined in previous lesson.