Employment Law Research Paper & Client Memorandum assignment help

Employment Law Research Paper & Client Memorandum

The research paper must be four pages at minimum and no more than six pages, written in APA format. The Client Memorandum must be at least one page. Both documents must be submitted formatted with double spacing, typed using font size 12 and where appropriate, should have sources cited.

NOTE: Although they comprise one project, the memo and paper are separate

Students will select an issue from the topics listed in the Documents section of Brightspace, and
write a research paper focusing on that legal issue. The topics posted will be related to the subject matter avoid superfluous of this course. Students also will draft a separate mock Client Memorandum. The paper will focus on the student’s related research and demonstrated understanding of the governing legal principles of the chosen topic. The mock client memorandum will provide the student with an opportunity to create a hypothetical, real-world scenario in the context of the legal topic researched, in which the student will provide legal and/or best-practice recommendations to the hypothetical client.

How to handle Employment Law Research Paper & Client Memorandum Assignment

Handling the Research Paper and Client Memorandum Project

This project requires you to delve into a legal topic, write a research paper on it, and then create a client memorandum based on your research. Here’s how to handle each part:

Research Paper (4-6 pages, APA format)

1. Choosing a Topic:

  • Look for the “Documents” section in Brightspace and select a legal topic related to the course material.

2. Research and Writing:

  • Conduct thorough research using credible sources like legal databases, peer-reviewed journals, and government websites.
  • Focus on understanding the governing legal principles of your chosen topic.
  • Your paper should be at least four pages but no more than six pages, double-spaced, and with a font size of 12.
  • Clearly outline the main points and legal principles within your paper.
  • Use in-text citations (author, year) to acknowledge sources within the text.
  • Create a reference list at the end of your paper following APA style guidelines.

3. Content Considerations:

  • Briefly introduce the chosen legal topic and its significance.
  • Discuss the relevant legal principles and how they are applied.
  • Use case studies or legal precedents (landmark court decisions) to illustrate the principles.
  • Analyze different perspectives on the topic, including any debates or controversies.
  • Maintain an objective and unbiased tone throughout.

Client Memorandum (at least 1 page, APA format)

1. Creating a Scenario:

  • Develop a hypothetical scenario where a client faces a legal issue related to the topic you researched.
  • Make sure the scenario is realistic and allows you to showcase your understanding.

2. Analyzing and Recommending:

  • Analyze the client’s situation based on the legal principles discussed in your research paper.
  • Provide legal recommendations and/or best practices based on your research findings.
  • Consider potential risks and benefits of different approaches.

3. Format and Style:

  • Maintain a professional tone and clear writing style.
  • Use headings to organize the memo (e.g., Introduction, Scenario, Analysis, Recommendations).
  • You don’t need a separate reference list for the memo, but cite sources from your research paper when necessary.