Dred Scott Decision Analysis Essay Help

Dred Scott Decision Analysis Essay Help

Observing History  

Assignment: (300 pts)  

Task: Using newspaper articles from the Library of Congress Newspaper Digital Collection Chronicling America « Library of Congress (loc.gov), you will provide an analysis of significant issue or event before and during the Civil War. You will choose a topic that will touch on areas on women, Civil War, economics, laws, or courts cases, from 1777 -1865. For example, the topic could be on the American Revolution, U.S. Constitution, Manifest Destiny, Women’s movements, Slavery, Dred Scott decision, KansasNebraska Act or Indian removal. Upon choosing a topic you will search and use at least five to seven articles documenting these issues. 

Dred Scott Decision Analysis Essay

See steps and attachments for how to use Library of Congress Webpage:

Step 1: Click the link to access the page. Upon accessing the page, use the dropdown list to choose the state and dates for the location and time period you want to search. Lastly, type a term that refers to your topic of choice. Make sure its narrow enough to procure the results you are seeking for this project whether that be a particular name of a person or a general term like slavery or suffrage. 

Dred Scott Decision Analysis assignment help

Step 2: Upon clicking “Go,” navigate through the various Newspapers. The page will highlight the term on the Newspapers to further assist your search. 

Dred Scott Decision Analysis Essay

Step 3: Upon clicking on a Newpaper, find an article that touches on your topic. The project requires you to find five to seven articles, so you might want to go through several newspapers to find some good articles.  

Dred Scott Decision Analysis assignment help

Writing Task: The paper will be four to five (or more) pages typed using Calibri or Time New Roman Font, 12 points, double-spaced, and include citations/bibliography page. The written portion consists of three parts: 

  • Part One: Using the articles and textbook, provide at least a one-totwo-page summary of the historical event or issue. 
  • Part Two: Using the articles, provide three to five paragraph analyses of how the authors of the articles wrote about the event/issue. What arguments and methods did they use to convey their narrative? Did they have a personal feeling or political leanings regarding the matter? 
  • Part Three: In five to six paragraphs, explain the outcome of the event/issue. Does it still impact our discourse in the U.S. today? Do you think there have been improvements in the country following this moment in history? If so, how? If not, explain.

Rubric: (See attachment in Module for detailed Grading Rubric)

Writing (100 pts): Is the writing clear and meets the standards of collegelevel writing, i.e., grammar, mechanical, and transitions between paragraphs? Does the writing adhere to the guidelines stated in the instructions, which include: 

  • 12pt font size 
  • Calibri or Times New Roman Font Style 
  • Title page 
  • Name and Date 

Clarity (100 pts): Is the objective clearly stated in the paper, i.e., the issues the student decided to investigate in the project? Does the introductory paragraph provide a clear purpose for the paper? Within the body of the paper, is the narrative cohesive and clearly explains the background and analysis of the event/issue? In the conclusion, does the student reintroduce the objective and evidence and provide a coherent closing of the broader paper? 

Sources (100 pts): Does the student clearly site the newspaper articles they are using for this paper, specifically using MLA, APA, or Chicago Style? Do the source materials meet the standards stated in the assignment description?

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