Global Strategic Management PowerPoint Help

Assessment 2 Information: Personal Portfolio (20%)

To work on understanding different aspects of global strategic management, presenting the synthesis of their investigation in a 3-part short video presentation.

1Explain the key aspects of strategy/strategic management.2 minute
2Explain the strategic management of an organisation2 minute
3Explain your strategy for success for the organisation using aspects of strategic management2 minute

Artefact 1:

Topic 1 introduced the concept of strategy and the key role it plays in the success or failure of an organization.

Note: to complete these points, Watch the video ‘What is Business Strategy? A simple business strategy definition!’ from the topic 1 workshop

Artefact 2:

Select an organisation and answer the following question for the organisation. (Please choose Apple as the organisation)

Determine the organisation’s competitive advantage:

  1. Define the organisation’s resources: tangibles and intangibles
  2. Define the organisation’s capabilities
  3. Determine the organisation’s competitive advantage/s

Below are some questions to help you to determine your competitive advantage/s:

  • What are the organisation’s tangible and intangible resources to accomplish the organisation’s strategy?
    • What are the organisation’s capabilities? How can the organisation create capabilities?
    • What five criteria does the organisation have to become core competencies?
    • What is/are the organisation’s competitive advantage/s? How does the competitive advantage help the organisation to accomplish its strategy?
    • Does the organisation have any sustainable competitive advantage?

The PowerPoint should only have three slides in total – one per artefact.

Artefact 3: How will you implement your strategies and measure your success for the organisation? What strategic management strategies will you use to ensure success for the organisation?

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