ONC’s Health Information Technology and Patient Safety Plan Essay Sample

ONC’s Health Information Technology and Patient Safety Plan Essay Sample

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) developed the Health Information Technology Patient Safety Action and Surveillance Plan to enhance patient safety through the use of health information technology (HIT) and to identify and prevent HIT-related patient safety hazards (Health it safety, 2018). Donabedian’s model is a widely used framework for assessing the quality of healthcare and patient safety. By considering structure, process, and outcome, the model helps to identify areas requiring improvement to ensure that patients are served safely, and effectively in healthcare systems (McCullough, (2023). The model provides a framework for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare delivery systems.

Despite the coherence of Donabedian’s model, several factors limit its efficiency. Firstly, it focuses on the technical aspects of healthcare, such as medical interventions, and neglects the social and psychological elements critical to delivering high-quality care. This can lead to a narrow understanding of quality and limit the scope of the evaluation. Also, the model does not consider the patient’s perspective, preferences, and satisfaction with the care they receive (McCullough, (2023). Donabedian’s model focuses primarily on the structure and process of healthcare delivery, with less emphasis on the outcomes that matter most to patients. As a result, the model may not capture the full range of factors contributing to high-quality healthcare from the patient’s point of view (McCullough, (2023).

The Health IT Safety initiative, led by the ONC, aims to improve patient healthcare safety by promoting the safe use of health information technology (IT). The initiative emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals, IT professionals, and patient safety experts (Health it safety, 2018). The industry recognizes that health IT has the potential to improve patient safety but also poses unique risks that need to be addressed.


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