Treatment of African Americans during World War II Essay

Treatment of African Americans during World War II Essay

This assignment asks you to demonstrate the course competency of Global Awareness by explaining how local, regional, national, and global events influenced the interactions between different groups of people in American history. The practice of contextualization is not only a critical skill that professional historians use every day, it is a skill that is essential to functioning as a well-informed citizen in society today. In this assignment, you will choose two demographic groups and explain how national or global events impacted the relationship between the two groups. 

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of the interrelatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems. You are required to analyze the debates over the admission of African Americans into the Army Air Corps during World War II.  You must consider the opposition of the U.S. Army and former Secretary of the Army, Kenneth C. Royall, to Executive Order 9981 which desegregated the armed forces.   Kenneth Royall went so far to say in 1949 that the army “was not an instrument for social evolution.”  Additionally, evaluate how international and/or domestic events shaped the debate over desegregation of the military in the United States. 

Evaluation Process:

Describe how historical context shapes group interactions.  For example, how does your thesis address the views of both supporters and opponents of Executive Order 9981.

Explain the interrelationship of events on the local, regional, national, and/or global levels.  For example, the belief that “African Americans fought for freedom at home and abroad during World War II.”

Use primary sources together with prior knowledge to engage in critical thinking about a topic within the historical context.

In between 1,200 to 1,500 words, use and analyze the article written by Gropman, A. L. on “Tuskegee Airmen”, Kenneth C. Royall’s quote, “the army was not an instrument for social evolution”, course notes, and information from chapter 24 to answer the following prompt:

What does the article reveal about the treatment of African Americans during World War II?  What could the United States government could have done different to prevent anomalies committed against African Americans in the armed forces? And, do you think that African Americans were fighting for freedom not only abroad but at home? If so, explain.

USE 4-5 references, 2 from the article attached

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