Acme Designs Human Resources Case Study Homework Help

You have been hired as the Chief Diversity Officer of Acme Designs, a small fashion design firm that has been in the industry for 50 years. It has 35 employees, and it is in the state of Colorado. As you start evaluating the organization to gather information that can help you understand where the organization is and where it should go, you notice that there is minimal cultural and gender diversity among employees in all areas. You also notice that there are many biases in the firm in relation to what type of employees fit their culture and should work there.

Acme Designs Human Resources Case Study Homework Help

There are minimal growth opportunities for employees within the firm, which is causing retention issues. Another issue you found is that the decision-making process related to hiring, marketing, and creative ideas is done only by the owner and a few of his closest friends (all white males). The decision-making team for marketing is also very homogeneous and recently got into hot water after a racially insensitive ad caused public backlash. You also discovered that there is no code of conduct or code of ethics in the organization. In the past few years, the firm’s revenues have started to decline and that is impacting the future of the firm.

Being in the fashion industry, you know that Acme Designs has a lot of potential for growth and success if it can open itself to more DEI and ethical processes. You brought the idea to the owner of the organization about making policies and strategies to include more DEI in the organization and he told you to do a presentation where you could show him how the firm could improve. You have decided to get to work and create a presentation that will make the owner of Acme Design buy-in to adding DEI initiatives as part of the organization’s strategic plan and culture to achieve organizational goals. 

For this assignment you are to include the following items:

Executive Summary

Where is Acme Designs in relation to DEI?

Why is it important to make DEI a priority in Acme Designs?


Present reliable data about the benefits of DEI in organizations.

How do DEI initiatives impact the growth and success of organizations as well as the performance of employees, among other aspects.

Use tables, graphs, and charts to present the data.


Where is Acme Designs going in relation to DEI?

Create a vision statement related to DEI for Acme Designs.


What do Acme Designs want to achieve?

Create a mission statement related to DEI for Acme Designs.


Create 1 goal to help achieve the mission.

Create 1 goal to help achieve the vision.

Create goals for the DEI issues discovered in the organization.

Ensure your goals are SMART.


Create 5 specific strategies that will help to achieve the created goals. 


Create a code of ethics.

Create a code of conduct.

1 slide for each code listing the major tenets and guidance.

Implementation and Training

Training and Development at Acme Designs.

What type of training will be given to employees at Acme Designs?

What type of training will be given to management at Acme Designs?

How will employees and managers be selected for development opportunities at Acme Designs?

Communication methods and effectiveness at Acme Designs.

Which communication methods will be used?


Will DEI and Ethics become part of the brand at Acme Designs?

How will you make this happen?


How is success going to be measured at Acme Designs? (Feedback, Surveys, Data Collection, Others)

Explain the method or methods to be used to measure success at Acme Designs.

PowerPoint Guidelines to remember:

  • Keep the text to a minimum. White space is important for the visual impact.
  • Use readable fonts (size and style are important).
  • Be careful with too many colors (You want the audience to focus on the topic).
  • Do not use bright backgrounds.
  • Be consistent with the style of the presentation. Make it professional.
  • Use images, charts and graphs when needed to transfer ideas.
  • Use the speaker notes in your presentation.
  • Proofread the content.
  • Try to include one topic per slide.
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