Book Review What Color Is The Parachute Homework Help

Use the following template to write your book review. Replace/delete all red instructional text and keep the black section headings. Use 12 pt times new roman and double spaced.

Book Review What Color Is The Parachute Homework Help


The introduction should include the book’s title, its author, and any other relevant information. It should also include a thesis statement that summarizes your overall opinion of the book. (1 paragraph 4-5 sentences).

The Plot

The plot summary should provide a summary of the book’s plot, including the main characters, setting, and conflict. Use the following questions to guide your plot section:

What makes this book unique and stand out to you? Were there any plot twists? (1 small paragraph 4 sentences)

What 4 key takeaways did you learn from reading this book and why? (3-4 sentences per takeaway). USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE BOOK. (3 small paragraphs)

How did this book change your perception about yourself? (1 paragraph 4-5 sentences)

The Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize your overall thoughts on the book and its relevance. Be sure to restate your thesis statement and provide a final analysis of the book. (1 Paragraph 4-5 sentences)

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