Career Theory Homework Help

Career Theory Homework Help

For this assignment you will write a short essay. Choose one of the theories you have learned about this week and answer the following prompts. Save your response in a word document and submit on the next page.

Career Theory Homework Help

In your own words, describe the theory you have chosen.
Why is this theory important?
How does this theory relate to you and where you are in your life? Provide specific examples.
How does this theory relate to where you are in your own career development process?

Theories you have learned about in Unit 2:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Donald Super’s Theory of Development
Frank Parson’s Theory
John Krumboltz’s Planned Happenstance

Your response should be double-spaced, 12 point font and a minimum of 500 words.

This essay is worth 30 Points.  See the rubric for specific grading criteria.

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